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Legal Structure

Legal Structure

Zero Waste Challenge LLC (ZWC) was established as a multi-member LLC in South Carolina (2/1/2008). On Oct. 15, 2013, the company was registered as a foreign business entity doing business in California under the same name. It is a family owned business based in Oakland, California.



Zero Waste Challenge LLC was formed primarily for the purpose of sourcing used clothing & mixed rags for its affiliated companies located in Karachi, Pakistan’s free trade zone. American Rags Pvt. Ltd. and Ideas Recycling Ltd., in turn, process the used clothing into commercial grade cleaning clothes (wipers). Our affiliates also produce new cleaning cloths from damaged knit fabrics and towels of various sizes made from materials obtained from other Pakistan-based textile manufacturers. Retail vendors who are interested in wholesale purchases of wiper cloths available in a variety of fabric types are welcome to contact us for more information and pricing.

Our Mission

Recycle, through third parties, products for use in North America and abroad.

Wholesale used materials for reuse and recycling at affordable prices.

Increase general public awareness of the need to reuse and recycle instead of just throwing items into garbage bags.

Reduce Landfill Requirements

ZWC strives to be a significant player in the household reusable goods sourcing, sorting and grading, and sales business.
We are a logistics management organization. Our belief is that, in a world of limited resources, there is a market for almost all used goods.

Our objective, then, is to develop efficient sourcing, sorting, processing and distribution systems that will gain value from used goods, helping to ensure that these items don’t find their way into America’s landfills. By doing this, we provide employment opportunities in the United States.

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ZWC is part of a multi-national group of companies that are owned and operated by the same ownership group and engaged in the business of trading in recycled and re-purposed goods. The affiliated businesses currently operate in Canada, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin and Uganda. We wholesale cut wipers to retailers in the USA.

ZWC is located at 738 105 th Avenue in Oakland, California.


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